Sound system

Fully upgraded audio-visual experience

World Class sound and lights in Downtown tulsa

Experience outdoor concerts like never before on the Green. In 2023, Guthrie Green worked with top audio and visual companies in the industry to fully upgrade its system, resulting in one of the best outdoor venues in the region.

Listen from every corner of the park

Whether you are listening from the front row or sitting on the Dock, the sound will be the same. The new sound system is more than double the size of the previous system, providing exceptional sound to every corner of the park.

Brighter than ever before

Improved stage and dock lights, featuring dynamic color-changing effects and distinctive designs, enhance the overall outdoor event experience.


to everyone who made this possible!

Audio-visual project designed by Scott Bell in 2023
Audio integration was provided by TES in Tulsa, OK
Project contractor Chadwick Reinicke with Crossland Construction
Lighting provided by Varilite, and integrated by Gemini in Dallas, TX.