Guthrie Green is more than just a space to play. It's a laboratory full of learning opportunities for inquisitive minds of all ages. From the geo-thermal elements beneath the park to the plants and green life above, we invite you to explore, investigate, and engage in our urban classroom.

Below are common-core aligned lesson plans and materials for educators to use both in their classrooms and at the park. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail


Lower Elementary 

“Guthrie Green” Alphabet Cards (Pre-K ELA)

Given a set of “Guthrie Green” alphabet cards, students will develop proficiency of alphabet sounds.

Number Line Hop-Scotch (Pre-K Math)

Given a hop-scotch number line, students will be able to develop familiarity with numbers and sequence.

“My Day at Guthrie Green” Narrative (K-1 ELA)

Given a graphic organizer and narrative writing prompt, students will be able to write a sequenced narrative with a minimum of two events.

Shapes on the Green (K-1 Math)

Students will apply their knowledge of shapes and 3-D shapes to their environment, locating and describing shapes and 3-D shapes in the park and the immediate vicinity.

The Best Part of Guthrie Green (2-3 ELA)

Using a graphic organizer and an understanding of fact and opinion, students will create a paragraph (or poster, presentation, speech) explaining “the best part of Guthrie Green.”

The Guthrie Green Races (2-3 Math)

Students will participate in games on the green, estimate and then measure the distance of several different races (2nd grade) and then order their times using knowledge of time (3rd).


Upper Elementary

Sunday Market: Our Way (4-5 Interdisciplinary)

Students will develop a plan, using data analysis, writing, and engineering, for an item to be sold in their own “Sunday Market.” Students will analyze costs, make a model of their item, write a business plan for creating and selling it, and present their booth to classmates, parents, or local partners, if available.



“Map the Green Space” (6-8 ELA)

Students will learn about urban planning and space through research and assessment of their community. Students will examine the space and how well it functions for the surrounding nature as well as for the people living and working in it.

Show Me What You Know! (6-8 Math)

Students will review math concepts in a fun, engaging way using a Brady Arts District themed board game.

The “What” and the “Why” (9-10 ELA)

Students will be able to determine the main idea, supporting details, and provide a short summary for a non-fiction text about Guthrie Green.

Woody Guthrie: Songs as Poetry (9-12 ELA)

Students will be able analyze the Story, Language, Arrangement, and Meaning in the songs of Woody Guthrie.

Local Artist Research Project (11-12 ELA)

Students will gain the skills and tools needed to perform independent research, write up a proper research paper, and present their project to the class in preparation for research projects that they will complete in both high school and college.


Additional Resources 

Guthrie Green Word Scramble

Guthrie Green Crossword Puzzle

Guthrie Green Word Search